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Prospective Clients


We appreciate that you are considering using our firm for your accounting or tax needs. To schedule an appointment you can contact us by telephone or you can schedule an appointment with one of our partners online.

For your appointment we ask that you bring us the following:

  1. The attached “New Client Intake Form” fully completed. For businesses and non-individuals use this form.

  2. For tax appointments, copies of your last three years’ tax returns, including any amendments or IRS notices.If you are missing any year’s tax returns, you can obtain a Return Transcript from the IRS at no cost using the following instructions:

    • If you are still at the same address as the missing return, you can visit and click on “Order a Transcript” OR call 1-800-908-9946.

    • If you have moved, or prefer paper correspondence, you may request a “transcript” of your return as originally filed with a Form 4506-T. Please complete the top portion, sign and either fax or mail to the IRS.

We look forward to meeting with you.

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